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Knit Denim Fabric

We offer Indigo dyed yarn and fabric. Our knit denim fabric is almost identical to woven denim in terms of appearance. But, also has the desirable knit properties of natural stretch and air permeability.

Indigo knit denim now makes it possible to bridge the gap between jeans and active wear with what is now the alternative denim putting the new interpretation on the most universal items of clothing.It is only with Knit denim, one can make Men's T-Shirt, fancy Ladies Top & Tight pant,Sports Wear, Pull over, Sweater and Kid's garments.

An Indigo knitted garment will improve with age and a cool cotton T-shirt will fade and gain character with wearing, washing and more washing.It will be a right combination of well-worn jeans and the ever practical casual T-Shirt or a Sweat shirt, all in Indigo blue.

Structures : Single jersey,Interlock,Pique,Honey-comb,Fleece,Plated,Cross-strings and all possible design structures

Weight measurements : 120 GSM to 400 GSM

Min order quantity : 150 kgs